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Exhibition Name: 2017Shanghai International Industrial Automation Exhibition || Exhibition Date: Jun 14-16, 2017|| Exhibition Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC)

The total area of the last 2016 China (Shanghai) International Industrial Automation Exhibition (SIA) was over 22,000 square meters, with 1800 standard booths, creating the world's leading smart modern industrial equipment industry event. SIA has also been titled as the Most Valuable Industry Exhibition of China in 2016

China (Shanghai) International Industrial Automation Exhibition (SIA) has been successfully held for ten times until 2016 After 13 years’ continuous development, it has become one of the largest international exhibitions of modern industrial intelligence equipment (formerly Shanghai Exhibition Industry intelligence and automation). The exhibition covers production and process automation, industrial robots, electrical systems, embedded, industrial automation, information technology and software, electronic equipment, transport and assembly, precision machining, industrial computers, machine vision, electronic components and auxiliary equipment and other products, direct and comprehensive services in the modern intelligent automation industry from the source to the terminals of the whole industry chain of intelligent automation. there are government procurement agency, electronics, automobile manufacturing buyers and distributors over 500 intelligent automatic production companies from more than 20 countries and 37,000 people from more than 20 countries and regions converge SIA trade exchanges each session; with the expansion of exhibition area, the number of foreign exhibitors and visitors are increasing year by year, SIA has been held alternately in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou respectively.

Beijing E-ShiXin International Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. is aimed to develop new markets, enhance exchanges, and expand sales service. SIA-2015 China (Shanghai) International Industrial Automation Exhibition will be held during Jun 14 -16 at Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center, as the largest and most influential event in the field of intelligent automation, SIA will integrate resources to provide a platform for domestic and foreign intelligence automation vendors for both export and domestic trade exhibition, so domestic and foreign exhibitors can develop more effective international and domestic markets. I believe this exhibition will offer you unlimited business opportunities, thereby I hope the units related to industrial automation can enroll in actively!

Scope of Exhibits

Industrial Automation Exhibition: assembly and handling systems, electronic equipments, SMT technology and equipments, machinery manufacturing and automation, automatic controlling equipment, electrical systems, servo motors, electronics manufacturing automation equipment, automatic instrumentation, intelligent instruments, industrial automatic IT and software, factory integrated management software, industrial IT software, industrial base system and development tools, factory production software, the industrial Internet, non-standard automatic equipments, cam splitter, FA factory automation components, electronic manufacturing services etc.;

Industrial robots and assembly and transport exhibition: assembly systems and equipments, industrial robots, robot integrated devices, handling robots, robot assembly system materials, testing and quality equipment, transmission equipments, material handling systems and equipments, automatic equipments: industrial automatic systems, motion and control systems, locator / controllers, servo motors, servo drives, inverters, process instrumentation and analytical instruments, components transmission systems and equipments, transport equipments, clamping tools, automated packaging equipments, man-machine interface, storage equipments, automated marking equipments, harnesses, cables, connecting technology, connectors, etc.;

Industrial computers and embedded exhibition: Industrial PC, industrial computers, embedded motherboards, data acquisition boards, operating systems, middleware and application software, embedded development tools

Embedded technology, industrial storage, industrial power, embedded power supply, chassis, keyboard, etc.;

Machine vision exhibition: the core components for machine vision, smart cameras: black and white smart cameras, intelligent line scan cameras, colorful smart camera, CMOS smart cameras, ID reader, image processing software, machine vision software tools, industrial lenses, FA lens, high resolution camera, image scanning lens, the light source, LED light source, ultraviolet lighting system, the infrared light source, an image processing system: optical character recognition systems, automation / robotics, machine vision integration: processing and character recognition systems, intelligent vision, surface detection and so on;

Precision machining area: metal processing such as machining, heating treatment, grinding processing, coating, assembly, surface treatment, metal stamping, mold manufacturing, forging, hammering, powder pressing, bending, folding, straightening, shearing, punching, notching, brushed etc.; machining centers, solid-state laser cutting machine, gas laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine, CNC machine tools, hardware and software, machine control systems, automatic programming system, rapid tooling systems, 3D printing equipment, rapid prototyping equipment , mold, templates, guide post and bushings, mandril, punch, fasteners, springs, micro CNC machining, servo motors, sensors, servo unit, servo package instrumentation, tools and measures, cutters, cutting tools, location and locking devices, ultrasonic cleaners, machine tool accessories, hardware tools, hand-operated tools etc.

Previous Review

Exhibitors: 512 (28% are international exhibitors) from 15 countries or regions, the exhibition area are 22,000 square meters;

Visitors: from 20 countries or regions, the organizing committee received a total of 37,120 professional visitors during the three-day’s exhibition.

On-the-spot transaction internationalization degree of 2015 China (Shanghai) International Industrial Automation Exhibition (formerly Shanghai Industrial intelligence and automation exhibition) significantly is increased, corporate image is better with greater turnover of $ 2.3 million, and the export rate is more than 65%.

→ highly rated by exhibitors

76% of the exhibitors expressed their willingness to recommend the exhibition to business partners or friends;

88% of the exhibitors said they would take part in the exhibition in year 2015;

→ highly rated by viewers

85% of the audience expressed their willingness to recommend the exhibition to business partners or colleagues;

88% of the visitors said they would visit the 2015 exhibition;

77% believed that this exhibition is better compared with other exhibitions.

Visiting Source

l  Automobile Manufacturing

l  Machine Tools

l  Electronic Equipment

l  Petroleum

l  Chemical Engineering

l  War Industry

l  Pharmaceutical Packaging

l  Aeronautics and Astronautics

l  Mobile Manufacture

l  Precision Machinery

l  Industrial Control

l  Animal Husbandry

l  Machining

l  Plastics

l  Metal

l  Textile Machinery

l  Food Processing

l  Home Appliance Manufacturing

l  Coal Mining Mechanic Equipment

l  Electricity

l  Transportation

l  Metallurgy

l  Electronics

l  Engineering Machinery

Organizing Institutions


China Association of Equipment Management

China Machinery Industry Association


China Machinery and Electronic Products Circulation Association

Shenzhen Robot Association

Chinese Robot Association

Shenzhen Automation Association

China Association for Computing Machinery

China Industrial Association


Beijing E-ShiXin International Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.


Beijing E-ShiXin International Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.


Exhibition registration: 12-13 Jun 2017 (9: 00-17: 00)

Exhibition period: 14-16 Jun 2017 (9: 00-16: 30)

Opening date: Jun 16, 2017 (09: 00)

Closing Date: Jun 16, 2017 (14: 30)

1. Charging Standard

1. Standard booth: three panels, a negotiation desk, two chairs, a Chinese-English lintel, two reflector lamps, one 220V / 5A power socket, and carpeted booth;) additional costs shall be borne by the exhibitors.

2. Cost for empty space: exhibition space, carpet, security services, and booth cleaning services.

3. Should a booth set up or changed by exhibitors themselves must be built by a contractor specified by the organizers. A non-designated contractor shall not be permitted to build. Please cooperate actively to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Law will not be permitted to build. Please give each unit to avoid unnecessary trouble and actively cooperate.

Nature of Enterprise

State-owned Enterprise

Luxury Standard Booth (9)

International Pavilion

Booth/Exhibition Period




Raw Space/Exhibition Period




2. Charging of Exhibition Publication

Front Cover

Back Cover

Inside Front Cover

Inside Back Cover

Inside Color Page

Colored Double Spread

Black & White Inside Pages








Visiting Volume: 10000/30,000 pieces

Chest Card: 20000/30,000 pieces

Handbag: 30000/6000 bags

Belt: 50000/30,000 pieces

 (Other advertisement is ready for you)

3. Sponsorship Advertisement: (Unit: RMB) Help you to stand out from a great number of exhibitors. For details, please contact us by phone.

Visiting tickets: 6000 / ten thousand tickets

LOGO of official website: 5000/ exhibition period

Mail exhibition message: 2000/per period

Lifting rope of certificate : 50000 (exclusive)

Advertisement on the spot chest card: 50000 (exclusive)

Advertisement on the side of opening main entrance: 20000/per piece

Indoor hanging advertisement: 20000/ per piece

Information package : 20000 yuan /5000 pieces

Audience registration platform: 30000 (exclusive)

Audience registration sheet: 20000 (exclusive)

Floor guiding: 5000 yuan /10 pieces

Indoor standing advertisement: 20000/ per piece

Subway advertisement in Caobao Road: 200,000/10 days

Purchasing guidance/front cover of Publication: 20000/P

Inside front cover of publication: 15000/P

Back cover of Publication : 12000/P

Color page of publication: 8000/P

Inset of Publication (thicken) 15000/P

1. Technical Seminars, Dinner Party and Sponsorship

1. Technical seminars, networking dinners and sponsorship

Organizers plan to carry out a series of technical and new product release conference, new product promotion, and product symposiums during 2017 exhibition, exhibitors can get priority seminar sponsorship, related companies will be free to determine the contents of the report, and responsible for providing relevant documents, each sponsoring company can customize the number of viewers.

To arrange this type of business activity, please contact the Organizing Committee to arrange a better time.

Each exhibition charges RMB 10,000 yuan, and time is 45 minutes (including various types of facilities, publicity costs, etc.)

Fellowship dinner; the number is expected to feast 800 people, including 20 government officials, VIP purchasing groups of 200 people, more than 300 exhibitors (special equipment 2 representatives, standard booth representatives 1 person) are invited to the exclusive sponsor of the well-known enterprises related information, please ask the organizing committee.

The classic sponsor a RMB 200,000 yuan, the secondary need RMB 150,000 yuan and the third tier RMB 100,000 yuan, details available on request.

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